3 rounds 

50 seconds on 10 seconds off of the following: 

1) 5 Squats + 10 High-Knees

2) Plyo-Pushups (I did it from my knees) 

3) 5 Squat lunge + 5 around the world with weight

4) Jump-Tuck Planks 

Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AJYNVYue_3w#! 

(Source: bodyrock.tv)

What’s your favourite body part to train? 

I LOVE MY BACK. when I’m losing motivation or falling back into negativity, I try not to think about what I don’t like about my body and what “could be better”. I think about what I LOVE and the things I have accomplished. 

E.g. - My back looks hawt in a training suit, I can bench 90lbs. 


Motivation. Print it, post it, put it somewhere you see all the time. My phone’s background is a picture of Jamie Eason :) (nohomo)

upper day kicked my ask. lower day + sprints todayyyy

beginning to look like the old me again :) 

Today’s workout !

Today would normally have been my upper lift day, but since I am visiting my parent’s at home, I had to switch it for my body weight conditioning circuit, but still did my 30 minutes of cardio! 

I’m stil not cleared to run distance soooo I made do with the elliptical in the basement! 


30:00 moderate-intensity cardio on ellipitcal


Burpees (aka squat thrusts) 0:30 

0:10 rest

Split Squat Jumps (aka Switch Jump Lunge) 0:30 

0:10 rest 

Mountain Climbers 0:30 

1:00 rest 

^ That whole thing 5 x through 

my sassy photoshoot for completion of WEEK 3 of my program 

(week 4 of progress)


lovely imprints from my shin sleeves on my calves. hawt.

Week 2 of new program, got ma swell onnnnnnnn


MONDAY - reset - eat clean - drink water - train dirty - START NOW

i want each of these. in each colour. 

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